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Learn Music...Like I do...

I made a late entry into the world of Music. Better late than never...
As I learn more  and more, I get more fascinated by it.  If you too are interested, you can also start learning...

I can provide you information on some good web sites on Music theory(Western Music). with Interactive multimedia sessions, they will help you to have a basic idea of Music:

You need a systematic training in Music???

Well... then you should think of studying music from any music institute, which conducts the courses as per the syllabus of premier institutions like Trinity college of London
You can get more information about Trinity college from the following link
If you are in Mumbai, perhaps the best place to get started with purchasing of anything related to music is the Furtados.
 (this page  of Furtados is under construction. But still you can contact them)

Trinity College of Music, London

Once you enroll into any such local institutes, where you learn music as per Trinity College, you will go through a grade system. It starts from, Initial, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade4, grade5, grade 6, grade 7, grade 8, ATCL, LTCL and FTCL. Every grade will have theory examinations and practical examinations. Practical examination will be based on the instrument you choose to study.
If you do not have anyone to guide you on can take help from Furtados... just mail to

The books and all other study materials for such grade studies are available on leading music stores, like Furtados.

Well..if you want to learn music just as a hobby, not for a degree, no need to worry about Trinity college and syllabus. Just go to a local music institute and learn..

Want to have a start on music theory right away???
If you like to know about the music theory right now, I guess the best website available is Gary Ewer's site. I found this accidentally. check it out...
Some other  good sites for beginners are

I am sure, you will be fascinated to know the meanings of those music symbols you have seen many times in many places. This site will give you a basic idea of music.
Hope you would enjoy...

Other sites
There are may other sites also for music. Some them, which I could find useful are