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My love for Ghazals....

I was introduced to Ghazals by my elder brother when he brought a cassette of Pankaj Udhas. As I tried to understand the deeper meaning in the ghazals, I realized that a passion for ghazals was growing in me. Then I listened to Hariharan and Jagjith Singh. Those melodious tunes were sometimes like a haunting music, sometimes like a soothing breeze, but more than anything, it could stir the feeling inside me. Then I listened to the real maestro in Ghazals.. Ghulam Ali. His  voice though sounds rough, will go straight into your heart. You need to listen to his voice, to experience it.


In this section I have mentioned some web links to Urdu Poetry (Origin of Ghazals) and many links to the famous Ghazal singers. Hope you would find them useful    Introduction to Urdu Poetry    Intro about Ghazals and Qawwali    Introduction to Ghazals    Introduction to Ghazals



GHULAM ALI     Biography of Ghulam Ali     Listen to Ghulam Ali's Ghazals



PANKAJ UDHAS  Bioigraphy and other information



TALAT AZIZ  Biography and other information



JAGJITH SINGH    Biography and other information  Biography and other information   Lyrics of Jagjith Singh's songs



HARIHARAN      Biography  Lyrics   Lyrics