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My World
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Me, near the nainital lake

Let me tell you something about me.....

My Family....
I was born into a family of 3 brothers and 2 sisters, as the youngest member. My home place is Trivandrum, the capital of kerala. Some people call it as God's Own country.
I would always be  indebted to everyone in my family for supporting me in every step of my life. My father was a watch repairer. I grew up hearing the "ding dong" sound of many many clocks in my house. It was a wonderful time. we had difficult times too.  With faith in each other.. and love towards each other.. we survived those difficult times.. and here I am talking to you through my web page

My Education....
I studied in Trivandrum till graduation. I was a science student during the intermediate. Then I opted for a fascinating science..Geology, though my dream was to become an engineer. For pursuing post graduation, I moved to Roorkee, a prestigious university in North India, which is now the 7th IIT in India. I did M.Tech in Applied Geology for three years.
My Job...
I started my career as a Geologist in one of the most reputed service companies in the Oil and Gas Sector.. Schlumberger.I I joined Schlumberger on Oct 1999.  For me and my family, joining Schlumberger was a dream come true. If you would like t know more about Schlumberger, you can go to the following link
After working for schlumberger for 7 years, I decided to chnage my track. I wanted to do something more technical, which will satisfy the geologist in me. So I joined the best Oil company in the world..Shell. Currently I am working as a senior Exploration Geologist in Shell Technology India (STI), which is based in Bangalore
more about shell ???  visit

My Hobbies....
Well.. I have a long list of hobbies.  I have a good collection of stamps. I love music a lot. I have a  good collection of music CDs and cassettes, especially those old hindi songs of Kishore, Mukesh, Raffi.  I am very fond of Ghazals. Often I listen to Ghulam Ali. I am crazy about movies also. I like romantic, historical, comedy and adventure movies...not to forget cartoons. I have a fairly good collection of Movies too.
I love to make pencil sketches. Some of them I have already shared in the photo album section. I write short stories, where I try to live as the characters I create. What I couldn't do in my real life, I dare to do though the characters I create. So far I have written around 20 stories and few poems. My dream is to publish them sometime.
Now I am into music studies too. I am learning Violin. I Just appeared for the Grade 1 examination for the Trinity College of Music,  London.

I am not an extrovert. But not an introvert too. May be in between both these types. I have many many friends, and few of them are my best friends..and they are my family friends too. Geographically they are not near me. But they are always near to my heart.
As a person... I am very sensitive, emotional,  possessive, and friendly to all.