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Geology and Me....

Tracing Ore deposits... In Rajasthan..during M.Tech


at a water well in Gujarat...where cross beddings are exposed


At an outcrop in Gujarat (Diu).

I never thought that I will take up Geology or Earth Sciences as my career option. I wanted to be an engineer. But you know how strange destiny is. I took geology as my main for Degree and Post Graduation.
No doubt...its a fascinating science. There are many divisions and subdivisions to that. I can give you the best available sources in the internet, for some of my favorite Geology related topics. If you are a person belonging to Earth Science community, I am sure you will find this page very useful
General Geology sites
Structural Geology
Sedimentary Geology   .... Good materials on sedimentology and stratigraphy   ...  many other links related to Geology    ...... good photographs on Geology

Geostatistics is the extension of Statistical techniques in Geology. It has its origins in the mining industry. Its is being actively used in the Oil and Gas Exploration field as well. Some of the internet resources in this field are ..... It explains the basic building blocks of Geostatistics with tutorials  ......links to other resources on geostatistics  ..... rich resource on Geostatistics
To understand Geostatistics, you need to understand the basics of statistics well. The following links would help you on that
Neural Networks
Artificial Neural Netwrks are widely used in many research fields as well as in many industries. Geology is not an exception. Neural Netoworks are used for doing supervised and unsupervised facies classification using well log data or seismic data. If you are looking for some basic information on the Neural Networks, you better go through these sites
Sequence Stratigraphy
Techniques enabling geologist to interpret depositional history and do a better  characterization of the reservoir. This relatively new branch of stratigraphy is fast becoming a par to the essential studies in reservoir characterization. The following web links are useful