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My World
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HI...I am Jose Varghese. I am from Trivandrum- the capital of  Kerala. Currently working in Bangalore. It was my dream to have a web page of my own. Though this won't be like a web site designed by professionals..I guess I could gather whatever information I wanted to share with you all...about me and my hobbies....
By education and profession, I am a Geologist. I work as a senior Reservoir Geologist in SHELL.  My job includes, reservoir characterization for producing fields.
sometimes I feel that 24 hours are not enough in a day. There is so much to do in this lifetime. I realized it lately only. So I have started to  use my free time in the best way I can.

As you go through this site, you will get a clear picture of me. I would share with you my hobbies, my creativity, some selected photographs of my family and friends. Hope you would find them interesting.
Also I would share a compilation of some information you can access through internet on the topics of our common interest.
And...if you like reading short stories, I would invite you to the section of my web page, where I have uploaded some of my short stories and poems.
I should thank you for  visiting my web page


This is the realization of my dream... My own my hometown in kerala. I waited for so long to see this.

This is the sketch of Mona Liza I made on the walls of my study room. This is one of the best sketches I have made so far.