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You like Violins??



Violin..the magical instrument with 4 strings...
It is considered as the queen of all instruments. Its vibrating strings, when touched with the bow can make you happy and sad. It creates a very soothing music.
It takes many years to become a very good violinist...practice with dedication is the only way to become a good violinist.
I do not know when I would be able to become a good violinist. But that's what I am aiming to be.
well..if you feel like knowing more about violins, you better visit these links below.


Heard of Harmonica??....I am sure you must have heard of plenty of films you must have listened to the sound of mouth organs...also known as Harmonica.

I sometimes play few songs on  the small harmonica I have. I am thinking of learning that from some expert teacher.

You want to know more about Harmonica?? See the following Links...


Can you Help me??
If you come across any such websites where I can get more information about violins and Harmonicas please inform me.
Not only violin and harmonica, it could be for any other instruments... I have not made an extensive search for any other instruments so far.